What Is BOPP Tape?

What Is BOPP Tape?

It's time to find out that BOPP packing tape is!

If you look at the materials packing tapes are made from you may see OPP or BOPP. Acrylic packing tapes are amongst the most popular due to their strength and affordability. What they are made of could impact the tapes performance.

Is BOPP packing tape the right fit for your business?

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, which means they are thin, flat films of thermoplastic polymer. This material has an excellent application in the packaging tape and is often used in hot melt tapes and acrylic tapes. Its UV resistant characteristics make it a common material for storage tapes.

Like other packaging tapes, BOPP tape isn't biodegradable but is non-toxic, recyclable, and therefore an eco-friendly material. When investing in a packaging tape for your business, understanding the materials used to make them should be known.

More important than the materials is the quality and consistently the manufacturer delivers. We recommend taking time to research manufacturers or brands selling packing tapes. Look for companies that offer samples, have recent reviews, and ask around for recommendations.

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