Purchase Policy

Purchase Policy

Policies concerning authorized card holder, address discrepancies, order authorization, large orders, knives/sharp items, and other Hot Pawz policies related to the ordering process.

Order Authorization

Payment capture is a step in the Shopify payment flow that occurs after a customer pays with a credit card or some alternative payment methods and the payment is authorized. Before a payment is captured by Shopify, the customer isn't charged. Payment capture sends information for processing to the customer's bank or to a payment provider so that the customer is charged and Hot Pawz get paid.

During this process we manually review the order and choose to approve or decline the order request. Orders approved will be charged according to the order they authorized. Orders declined will cancelled and no charge will be made to the payment the buyer authorized.

  • This is used to review the order for possible fraudulent behavior before the payment method is charged.
  • Complying with accounting standards by capturing payment upon fulfillment.

Workflow: Order places -> Payment Status "Authorized" -> Hot Pawz is notified of requested order -> Hot Pawz manually reviews inventory & possible fraudulent behavior -> Hot Pawz Approves or Declines order [Approved order will be fulfilled & Declined orders will be cancelled and the customer is never charged]

Authorized Card User

By submitting an order for review the customer is confirming they are approved to use the form of payment or are an authorized user of the card.

In the event the billing name/address and shipping name/address doesn't match the order will be temporarily held in review. We will reach out to the email provided to confirm authorization for the order and request proof the customer matches the name on the payment method provided.

If a response isn't received before the payment capture period closes the order will be declined. This time period can vary, therefore 24 hours will be provided to complete this process.

Cancelation of "large" orders 

We reserve the right to cancel any order we deem as "large". We do not allow non-registered businesses to wholesale Hot Pawz products without a wholesale agreement in place. We will take swift and through action upon businesses and individuals attempting to violate our trademarks or wholesale agreements.

First time buyers with orders we deem as "large" will be canceled until long-term trusted buying habits are established. All orders are manually reviewed before they are approved.

If we have questions or concerns about an order we will reach out to the buyer via the email they order with. If a reply isn't received within 24 hours the order will be canceled. 

Knives & sharp items


Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement: By purchasing any item from Hot Pawz; whether by mail, phone or Internet, the buyer warrants that he/she is in compliance with his/her local and state laws and is legally able to purchase these items. Must be 18 years or older to purchase merchandise from Hot Pawz, its subsidiaries, parent companies, divisions, or other entities, may not be held responsible for any non-compliance with these laws.

Conditions of Sale

Purchase of these products is an agreement by the purchaser/user to hold all sellers and manufacturers harmless of all liabilities and damages indemnify and agrees to defend. The purchaser/user assumes all responsibility for the use of any product sold on or by hotpawz.shop.

This site is controlled by Hot Pawz in the State of North Carolina, USA. As such, the laws of the State of North Carolina will govern these disclaimers, terms and conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflict of laws. Hot Pawz reserves the rights to make changes to our site and these terms and conditions, and disclaimers at any time at our discretion.

This paragraph represents the entire understanding between you and Hot Pawz regarding your relationship with Hot Pawz. This paragraph supersedes any prior statements or representations. You (the buyer) agree to be bound by the Community Standards by using this hotpawz.shop web site.

All sharp object or knive, cutter-type products sold at hotpawz.shop are meant for decoration, ornamental or demonstration purpose only. Unless otherwise stated.

Hot Pawz does not sell any products to minors. All customers must be 18 years or older. No exceptions. Hot Pawz reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet the requirements of the ordering policy.

From time to time manufactures change production locations, handle materials and steel types. Manufactures also change sheath materials and colors. Hot Pawz will do our best to keep all product information current. Hot Pawz is not responsible for misprinted product information. 

Release of Liability 


Let it be know that when making a purchase from Hot Pawz that you "the buyer" agree to all the "Conditions of Sale". Thank you for your business and we look forward to service your needs.

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Hot Pawz decorative packaging tapes bring excitement to your boxes, poly-mailers, or bubble mailers and delivers adhesive reliability with durability. Offering heavy-duty adhesives and extra long tape rolls.

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