What is OPP Tape?

What is OPP Tape?

With all the names we already have for packing tape, what is OPP tape?

If shopping for packaging tape wasn't complicated enough between use, thickness, width, and more specifications. What is OPP tape and why does it matter when shopping for packing tape?

OPP refers to the materials used to make the packaging tape.

OPP means oriented polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer and is used in a wide range of consumer products. Don't mistake OPP for PP or BOPP, that are all different and have various uses. 

With a large number of applications it has great strength, high clarity, and can be bonded with an acrylic adhesive to make packaging tape. It also has applications within the medical, clothing, packaging, labeling, food & beverage, personal care and more industries.

Benefits of OPP tapes for packaging

High tensile strength, transparent, heat resistant, and difficult to tear all make OPP a leading material for the packaging industry. This material is recyclable! Recycling centers are able to extract packing tapes, labels and other materials from cardboard boxes and recycle them in separate processes.

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