Why Amazon Uses Paper Packaging Tape

Why Amazon Uses Paper Packaging Tape

Receiving an Amazon package with paper packaging tape is common, but why?

Water-activated paper tape is the #1 packaging tape Amazon uses to ship packages. Let's look at why they use WAT paper tape and see if it's a good option for your packages.

Top 3 reasons Amazon uses water-activated fiber-reinforced paper tape

1. Water-activated paper tapes are the only packaging tapes that can adhere in dusty warehouse environments. When the adhesive side is moistened with water the adhesive seeps into the cardboard fibers creating a mono-material. Acrylic tapes only adhere to the top surface, if the surface is dirty the tape will only adhere to the dirt and not the package.

2. Water-activated paper tapes are the strongest and most reliable packaging tapes. Any tape that isn't water-activated, such as acrylic tape, acrylic tapes, and paper tapes only adhere to the top packaging surface. Water-activated paper tapes bond into the cardboard packaging surface creating a long lasting deep bond.  

3. They can easily hold boxes over 100 lbs due to the additional fiber-reinforcement. The fiber-reinforcement within paper tapes is usually advertised as fiberglass yarn. Detailed specifications show they are a 3-way fiberglass reinforcing pattern with lengthwise threads with diamond cross-machine pattern. Making it stronger than the paper tape around it!

Hot Pawz offers the same quality tape with stunning designs in extra large rolls

We offer the same strong water-activated fiber-reinforced paper tapes with designs that will make your packages stand out. Our rolls are 200% larger than other printed tapes available. We offer only full commercial rolls 450 feet long, this is 200% larger than other brands.

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Hot Pawz Packing Tape: Why amazon uses paper tape

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