Which Packing Tape To Use On Fragile Packages?

Which Packing Tape To Use On Fragile Packages?

Know which packing tape to use on your fragile packages.

Shipping a fragile item comes with a feeling of impending doom. We'll work on reliving that feeling by addressing which packing tape you should use. Your two choices are acrylic tapes and paper tapes. Here is our favorite and why!

Water-activated fiber-reinforced paper tapes are  our first choice.

If you are using a cardboard box to ship your fragile items in water-activated paper tapes are the perfect choice. We always recommend choosing a paper tape that has fiber-reinforcement. This creates a stronger tamper resistant seal to ensure safe delivery.

The main benefit of water-activated paper tapes is its ability to create a mono-material when applied. The adhesive once activated with water penetrates into the fibers of the cardboard creating a single bonded material. This ensures your fragile item firmly stays within the package.

Which packing tape to use on fragile items

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