How To Tape Fragile Packages

How To Tape Fragile Packages

Learn how to tape your fragile boxes

Fragile packages require attention at all stages of the packaging process, mostly at the end when applying packing tape. The method used to seal your package will determine the risk of the packaging opening during shipment. Here is our favorite method to seal packages and why!

Did you know there are different methods used for seal packages?

There are four methods to seal a package. The goal of taping a package is to keep the item in and prevent it from opening during shipping. The H-seal method is the best at meeting both of these goals. Making it our favorite method to tape closed fragile packages with the "H-seal with center" being the winner.

Taping the sides removed the opportunity for the exposed flaps to catch on shipping equipment or other packages during shipping. Taping across the center seam, both sides, and at the center create a firm hold at all the weakest points.

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