From Sender To Receiver: Packing Tape Horrors

From Sender To Receiver: Packing Tape Horrors

It starts out like any other scary story, but doesn't read quite right.

It was a sunny ____[adjective] morning as ____[your name] laid in bed shopping on their phone. One of those mornings that was too beautiful to not start without knowing a package would be on its way! Without hesitation, the order was placed for ____[product] from ___[company]. Now it was time to start the day with a ___[body part] exercise!

They received an order. How terrible could it possibly go?

But then, disaster struck. As ___[name] was taping up the box with their trusty packing tape, they realized it had accidentally stuck the tape to their ___[body part] instead of the box. The tape got tangled up in ___[noun: thing] and ended up sticking into their ___[adjective] hair. Fed up, they just took their wig off and ___[adverb] into the box, yelling ___[interjection]!

So happy they ordered next day shipping, it arrived!

 ___[verb: -ing] the package from the mail carriers' hands and ___[verb: -ing] in the house, ready to open the box. Grabbing ___[noun: thing] to open the package that has cute packing tape of ___[animal] on it! This tape is so ___[interjection] it was heard throughout all of ___[noun: place]! Dumping the box's contents onto the floor only to see a gigantic pile of tape and hair!  Screaming ___[interjecting] and ___[verb: -ing] into the ___[noun: place] with the tape-covered wig following close behind hungry for more packing tape!

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