Alternative Use For Packing Tape

Alternative Use For Packing Tape

With a little imagination packing tape has alternative uses!

Using packing tape in your daily life outside of its usual application brings a splash of fun! Hot Pawz packing tapes are available in many stunning patterns, which makes it the perfect packing tape for alternative uses!

My daily alternative use for packing tape is my packing tape mouse pad! The desk is made of reflective glass and using my optical mouse was infuriating. Optical mice need a solid non-reflective surface to register movement, which was not being provided by the desk.

I added a square of my favorite packing tape and the problem was solved! Since it is also smooth with the desk I don't have the pressure of a traditional mouse pad edge on my palm. I can still wipe the desk down regularly with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints and it continues to hold strong. 

 Alternative Use for Packing Tape


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