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Hot Pawz Cute Packing Tape - Decorative Tape - Floral Paper Roll Water Activated Reinforced - Heavy Duty Packaging Tape - Size 2.75 Inch x 450 Feet

Hot Pawz Cute Packing Tape - Decorative Tape - Floral Paper Roll Water Activated Reinforced - Heavy Duty Packaging Tape - Size 2.75 Inch x 450 Feet

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EXCELLENT HOLD AND QUALITY - This fiberglass-reinforced adhesive packaging tape is built to endure rough shipping and handling. Wet tape can withstand extreme heat, cold, dust, and dirt. Reliable, safe, and sturdy packaging tape refill, not easy to fray or tear

COLORFUL UNIQUE PATTERN - Leaves-themed brown water-activated tape. Avoid those boring tapes and choose this fun brown tape that makes every packaging box that adds flair to your packaging.

SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY - This packing tape has a penetrative bond acting as tamperproof. Promote safety and prevent theft with this water-activated sealing tape. Tasteless, non-toxic, health, and Eco-Friendly biodegradable tape. Use confidently!

MULTIPURPOSE PACKAGING TAPE - Mailing tape compatible with various cardboard packaging accessories. Wrap, transport, and mail your box packages with an assured seal. Packaging tape refill is ideal for volume storage, packaging, moving, shipping and sealing.

EXCELLENT CHOICE ROLL - Refill your packaging gun with this kraft tape. Wide; 2.75 inches, length; 450 feet, and thick; 6.5 mils to meet your taping needs at a lower cost. The perfect choice tape for box sealing to transport or store

Are you looking for box tape to add flair to your packaging? Are you tired of loose, less adhesive, and untrustworthy seal tapes?

Look No Further! Whether moving to a new home, mailing Christmas presents, or sending your customers their products. Hot Pawz tape will ensure your package get there safely. The Tamper-evident technology protects your packages from theft and tampering. 

Built To Withstand Stress, So You Don't Have To

Our gummed tape is woven with latticed fiberglass threads to secure its hold on the carton. This protective hold is weather-proof and can endure extreme temperatures and dirt. Make sure your package gets there in one piece with this heavy-duty, fiber-reinforced tape.

Penetrative Bond Provides Permanent, Lasting Adhesive

While other adhesive tapes stick to the surface of a box, gum tape's wet adhesive allows for a layers-deep bond. Use less tape to achieve the same support, and never worry about carton tape coming loose with unmatched strength.

Easily Adjustable While Wet

While still moist, water tape can be removed and readjusted to find the perfect fit.

The Perfect Choice fiberglass kraft paper gummed tape

Water-activated gummed kraft paper tape is combined with kraft paper, latticed fiberglass threads, and glue water-active food adhesive for maximum seal experience. 

Tamper Proof Seal 

When the package is opened, the box seal tape will turn into pieces and show the proof clearly. These benefits provide security for your package.

Secure A Permanent Bond Fast with Water-Activated Tape from Hot Pawz!

💦 Water-activated (WAT) tapes require water to be applied to the non-patterned side to activate the adhesive. 

📦 Extra long tapes: 150 yards ~ 450 feet in length!

✅️ Professional thickness 6.5 mil, holds up to 110 lb parcels due to fiber reinforcement

Coordinates With Sample Set of 2

Water Tape Dispenser sold separately 


- Parcel weight: 65 lb recommended

- Width: 2.75 in [70 mm]

- Length: 450 ft [150 yds]

- Thickness: 6.5 mil [165 micron]

- Core size: 1.5 in [38 mm]

- Adhesive: 💦 Water-activated tape (WAT) [aka gummed packaging tape]. The easiest and most efficient way to use water-activated tape is with a dispenser [sold separately]. It is possible to manually activate the tape, but you would need to apply water to the bottom of the tape [non-patterned side] by using a sponge [not included].

- Tape material: Fiberglass Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper

- Fiber-reinforced: Yes

Care Instructions

Store in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Best stored in its plastic packaging until ready for use and kept in a cool, dry area between 40 and 80 degrees F, with ideal conditions of 40-50% relative humidity.

Packaging tape should also be kept away from direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months of delivery.

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