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Paper Tape Water-Activated Packing Tape - Helpful Bugs - Fiber Reinforced for Shipping

Paper Tape Water-Activated Packing Tape - Helpful Bugs - Fiber Reinforced for Shipping

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Paper Tape Water-Activated Packing Tape - Helpful Bugs - Fiber Reinforced for Shipping

This has been all the buzzzzzz! Insects are a helpful part of our ecosystem. From bees pollinating our crops to ladybugs eating pests, insects help us in many ways. With this Helpful Bugs design, you can show your appreciation for insects. Includes bees, praying mantis, butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies!

We always provide a vast selection of packaging, shipping, and box tape. Custom packaging tape makes it easy to brand your shipments, we provide a stunning curated selection of trending designs for you! Made for businesses, enthusiasts, and everyone looking for the perfect gift. 

Great for improving your brand exposure & your package deliverability. This paper packing tape has a high-strength adhesive along with fiber reinforcement to hold the heaviest packaged. Now even the heaviest packages can withstand rough handling. Our strongest packaging tape that is ideal for shipping heavy packages with your personal style in mind.

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💦 Water-activated (WAT) tapes require water to be applied to the non-patterned side to activate the adhesive. 

📦 Extra long tapes: 150 yards ~ 450 feet in length!

✅️ Professional thickness 6.5 mil, holds up to 110 lb parcels due to fiber reinforcement

Coordinates With Sample Set of 2

Water Tape Dispenser sold separately


- Parcel weight: 65 lb recommended

- Width: 2.75 in [70 mm]

- Length: 450 ft [150 yds]

- Thickness: 6.5 mil [165 micron]

- Core size: 1.5 in [38 mm]

- Adhesive: 💦 Water-activated tape (WAT) [aka gummed packaging tape]. The easiest and most efficient way to use water-activated tape is with a dispenser [sold separately]. It is possible to manually activate the tape, but you would need to apply water to the bottom of the tape [non-patterned side] by using a sponge [not included].

- Tape material: Fiberglass Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper

- Fiber-reinforced: Yes

Care Instructions

Store in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Best stored in its plastic packaging until ready for use and kept in a cool, dry area between 40 and 80 degrees F, with ideal conditions of 40-50% relative humidity.

Packaging tape should also be kept away from direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months of delivery.

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