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Water-activated Fiber-reinforced Paper Packing Tape, Nature: B-grade

Water-activated Fiber-reinforced Paper Packing Tape, Nature: B-grade

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B-grade Packing Tapes could have one or more of the following:

  • Damaged packaging
  • Missing packaging
  • Misshapen roll due to shipping damage

All B-grades are the same quality design and adhesive reliability as our other packing tapes. All sales are final.

💦 Water-activated (WAT) tapes require water to be applied to the non-patterned side to activate the adhesive. 

 Featuring: Leaves, Plants, Flowers, Nature, Ferns, and Berries


- Parcel weight: 65 lb recommended

- Width: 2.75 in [70 mm]

- Length: 450 ft [150 yds]

- Thickness: 6.5 mil [165 micron]

- Core size: 1.5 in [38 mm]

- Adhesive: 💦 Water-activated tape (WAT) [aka gummed packaging tape]. The easiest and most efficient way to use water-activated tape is with a dispenser [sold separately]. It is possible to manually activate the tape, but you would need to apply water to the bottom of the tape [non-patterned side] by using a sponge [not included].

- Tape material: Fiberglass Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper

- Fiber-reinforced: Yes

Care Instructions

Store in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Best stored in its plastic packaging until ready for use and kept in a cool, dry area between 40 and 80 degrees F, with ideal conditions of 40-50% relative humidity.

Packaging tape should also be kept away from direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months of delivery.

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All sales are final.

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