Why Packaging Tape Matters

Why Packaging Tape Matters

When I hear "It's just tape!" I know there's been a disconnect.

Since my business is all things packing tape it's easy to develop a deep love for it. Others that are watching, listening, and reading my work might think it's a small part of shipping. While it is, here is why it's important!

Packing tape holds it all together

Let's make the passion for strong, properly stored, and fresh packing tape easy to understand. Simply, it's the only holding your package together! Shipping happens when someone finds something valuable to their life and can't personally pick it up. The contents of that package has great meaning to the receiver and it should for the sender also.

Packages go through a variety of forces during the shipping process that aim to destroy them. No one wants to go through the emotional stages of grief when their package arrives open with missing items or never arrives. Using a heavy-duty packing tape over 2.1 mils is the first step to buying good packing tape.

The other part of the shipping process that goes wrong for boxes and flexible mailers is catching and ripping open. This is the second benefit of caring about packing tape. Applying packing tape across the seam and both sides removes the catching hazard for boxes. For bubble-mailers and poly-mailers who have been folded over apply packing tape to seal the two gapping sides.

Manufacturers have recommended storage conditions and lifespans for packing tape. Storing outside of the recommended temperature, humidity, UV exposure, the usage time mean that your packing tape will no longer support it's intended package weight. The tape surface and adhesive will degrade with improper storage and package tape failure emanate. 

Are you setting up your package for failure?

Have a heart to heart with your packing tape and let it know that it's time for you to start over with another packing tape if any of these happened.

  • It's been stored in the garage or shed
  • It's been sitting on a shelf constantly exposed to sunlight
  • You've been together since the great college move
  • You're tilting your head back and forth for the last 10 minutes trying to find where the rip started
  • You have a irreplaceable or heavy item to ship

Finally, receiving a package is all about the excitement of anticipation. Why do you think we love wrapped gifts so much! So, delight and surprise your package's receiver with truly stunning designs by Hot Pawz packing tape.

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