What's Wrong With Paper Tapes?

What's Wrong With Paper Tapes?

Paper packing tape has increased in popularity, but why?

Paper packing tape is emerging for more personal and business use, but it's still not number one in packing tape. Why isn't everyone using it? What's wrong with paper tapes for use on all packages? Great questions and here is why!

Here is why everyone isn't using paper packing tape.

It's inconvenient

One of the top reasons for using paper packing tape is its ability to create a mono-material between the tape and the cardboard box. This only happens by using water-activated paper tape. No other pre-gummed tape can do this. Since water is required to activate the adhesive a special water reservoir paper tape dispenser is required. This requires the user to be stationary at a packing station. These dispensers have water inside that can spill out, are heavy, and may need to be plugged in.

It's expensive

Paper tape is 3 to 4 times more expensive to manufacture and that cost is passed on to the consumer. There are many layers that make up paper tape and they are all critical to its performance and eco-friendly properties. This is the main reason acrylic tapes are still the most used on cardboard boxes.

It can ONLY be used on fibrous cardboard

The fact that water-activated paper tape can only be used on fibrous cardboard surfaces keeps paper tapes from becoming the number 1 packing tape. The water-activated adhesive will not adhere to poly-mailers, bubble-mailers, glossy cardboard, or semi-gloss cardboard. 

Would you buy paper tape for your business?

If you're using a variety of package types, including cardboard boxes it's great to add paper tape as part of your business. Most small businesses understand the benefits of using paper tape, but the drawbacks don't align with their business. 

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What's wrong with paper tapes? Hot Pawz Packing Tapes

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