The Power Of Packing Tape

The Power Of Packing Tape

Packing tape is the secret superhero in the fantastic world of shipping!

The unsung hero of the shipping universe in my humble opinion is heavy-duty printed packing tape. As you pass by it on the street, you can't help but to notice its striking character, colorful demeanor, and mystifying poise.

The power of packing tape unraveled

Rigorous pursuit of this elusive hero has not been without pain. Following one printed packing tape only to find out they were fake! Thin, easily ripping, and weak adhesives are all over the city. These fakes are disheartening, but I've discovered the true heavy-duty printed packing tape hero. Here is their true power!

Decorative, cute, and stunning designs

Great printed packing tape is about telling a story. It should be about your shared passion for the adventures of pets, healthy living, nature, or to simply say "Thank you" in their language.

Reflect back on the feeling of excitement seeing a beautifully wrapped gift. The feeling of anticipation is the fuel for that excitement, heightened only by the colorful wrapping. Your mailed packages can carry that same feeling of excitement too! No fancy boxes needed, just by having this hero of shipping with you, Hot Pawz packing tape, you'll make the first impression your package needs.

Heavy-duty thick tape

Tape thickness is the easiest way to unmask the fake packing tape hero. Just ask them how thick the packing tape is, because they won't have it in the description. They are hiding it, ashamed of it, and denying it's not good enough.

Any packing tape under 2.0 mils is considered economy and it's a pain to use. Most printed or custom packing tapes are 1.9 mils and under because the manufacturers know their customers care more about the design than quality. After one order of those cheap, thin packing tape, customers won't reorder, but that's not how we are.

We provide 2.3 mil heavy-duty reliable packing tapes that are manufactured with consistent high quality processes and materials. Use the H-seal with center seam method when packaging your boxes and it will hold strong. Our first customers that were there as we launched still order with us today and we appreciate their continued support!

Long-lasting adhesives

All tapes that aren't water-activated paper tapes rely on a downward pressure to adhere to the package surface, also known as PSA tape. This means the quality of the adhesive is absolutely imperative to ensure a strong bond between the tape and the package surface. 

Our packing tape hero holds your packages together like it's their only purpose, because it is! Don't just buy printed packing tape because it's cute, buy it because it actually holds throughout the shipping process. 

Get to know the real printed packing tape hero!

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