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Why Packing Tape & Storage Tape Are Different

Protect your package by knowing how packing and storage tapes differ

Searching for tape to secure your corrugated boxes has never been more difficult. There are easily over 10 different names for the same type of tape, but using the wrong one could mean disaster. Let's explore the characteristics of these two tapes that really make them different.

What are other names for packing tape?

Let's clear up the discussion about what most people call packing tape because this is where the confusion starts. Most manufactures refer to tape that is designed to secure a package and travel through the postal system as packing tape. These terms are also a common name for packing tape in order of frequency used:

  1. Packing Tape
  2. Packaging Tape
  3. Box Tape
  4. Acrylic Tape
  5. Mail Tape
  6. Pressure Sensitive Tape
  7. Parcel Tape
  8. Box Sealing Tape
  9. Carton Sealing Tape
  10. Carton Tape

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of packing tape are a narrow usable temperature range, lower tensile strength, and shorter adhesive lifespan. All these characteristics align perfectly with consumers' needs for shipping. Buying this tape provides the optimal adhesive needed to ship and an economical purchase price. Don't pay for more than what you actually need. 

How to find a storage tape

Manufacturers market tapes that are intended for the moving of items not within the mail system and boxes going into long term storage as storage tape, also called moving tape.

These tapes perform at a wider range of temperatures, humidity, UV resistance, and higher tensile strength. They are intended to hold in long term storage conditions regardless of the environmental conditions. Storage tapes are a premium product due to their long lasting adhesive characteristics and will carry a premium cost to the consumer. 

Shop for the packing tape to fit your packaging needs

Next time you're deciding between packing tape and storage tape remember this simple difference: for a temporary hold use packing tape. For long term hold with variable environmental conditions use storage tape.  


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