How Do I Keep My Packing Tape From Peeling?

How Do I Keep My Packing Tape From Peeling?

Easily solve the problem of acrylic packing tape peeling off your packages.

Packing tape that is not adhering to your package is a frustrating problem, but easily solvable! Here are our top 3 tips to ensure your acrylic packing tape will hold strong on your packages.

Follow these tips if your packing tape is peeling.

Pick the right packing tape

Shopping for heavy-duty packing tape is the first part of solving this issue. Buy from companies that maintain the quality of their tapes and even better, find ones that offer samples. Look for packing tapes that are over 2.0 mils in thickness and advertise a strong adhesive.

Take a look at how you've been storing your packing tape. Packing tape should be used within a year of purchasing, stored in a temperature/humidity controlled indoor environment, and kept away from UV sources. If not properly stored these adverse conditions will cause the packing tape adhesive to breakdown.

Prepare the packages surface

Acrylic packing tapes bond to the materials on the very top layer of the package. If that package has finger oils, dust, dirt, or loose materials it will only stick to those and not the actual packaging.

Wipe smooth plastic packaging with alcohol and allow it to dry before applying packaging tape. If you're using cardboard boxes, wipe the area the tape will be applied to with a microfiber cloth.

Acrylic packing tape isn't recommended for most recycled boxes, because they are made of loose fibrous materials. For fibrous cardboard boxes always use water-activated paper tapes. The adhesive in water-activated paper tapes seeps into the cardboard creating a strong deep bond between the tape and cardboard.  

Press down firmly 

Acrylic packing tapes are all pressure adhesive sensitive tapes (PSA). This simply means the material requires a downward pressure along the length of the surface for it to bond. Take extra attention to press down at the sides and ends before shipping. This eliminates the opportunity for your tape to accidently attach and rip off on other packages during the shipping process.

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