Does Packing Tape Lose Stickiness?

Does Packing Tape Lose Stickiness?

Has your packing tape lost its stickiness already?

We rely on packing tape to keep our packages sealed from start to finish. Which brings the next concern to if the packing tape is as sticky as it once was. Let's take you through a few points and let you decide if it's time to toss your packing tape for a new roll.

Consider these 3 questions when deciding if it's time to toss your packing tape.

How has it been stored?

Packing tape relies on its adhesive to remain sticky and hold packages within the weight range the manufacturer advertises. They also recommend that it be stored within the following parameters. Stored inside a temperature controlled room around 70 degrees, humidity controlled environment around 40%, and kept in a UV protected environment. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and exposure to UV (sunlight) will cause the adhesive to breakdown quickly.

How long have you had the packing tape?

Packing tape should be used within 1 year of purchasing. This is recommended because storage is usually not kept in the optimal range once it reaches the consumer's home/office. 

How close to the maximum recommended weight are your packages?

Manufacturers provide a weight range the packaging tape should be used for. These are determined using newly manufactured packing tapes that are at their peak stickiness and performance.  For heavy packages, packing tape should be applied using the H-seal or H-seal with center seam. Even with proper taping methods used, packing tape intended for heavy packages should be refreshed within 6 months or less.

What have you decided about your packing tape?

For the casual shippers the average age of packing tape sitting around the house is 4 to 10 years old. If you're going to use it for that one last package give it this quick test.  Stick it to itself and rips or pulls the adhesive off it's time to toss it!

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