Transparent vs. Vibrant Packing Tape: Which to Choose?

Transparent vs. Vibrant Packing Tape: Which to Choose?

How to choose between clear or colored packing tape

The choice of packing tape can set you apart, make a memorable first impression, or make you forgettable. Create your package identity by choosing the right packaging tape. Here are the pros and cons of clear vs. colored packing tape.

Pros and cons of clear vs. colored packing tapes

Clear Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is the most widely used, not because of its effectiveness. but because it's traditional and cheap. These can easily be purchased online and in any packaging or home store.


- Traditional packing tape with no identity
- Forgettable and unremarkable packaging tape
- Lacks the ability to create the feeling of unwrapping excitement


- Inexpensive
- Widely available by any shipping supplier
- Can be used on top of paper shipping labels

Colored Packing Tape

Colored packing tape is also referred to as decorative packing tape, cute packing tape, and printed packing tape. These tapes can carry a wide variety of colors and designs. Just like clear packing tape the quality will vary with the brand you purchase from.


- Can not be used on top of paper shipping labels
- Expensive to manufacture


- Tells your personal or businesses story
- Provides a memorable first impression
- Delivers the excitement of opening a present
- Can be used on cardboard, poly-mailers, and bubble-mailers
- Supports small businesses

Find a brand that produces quality tapes

Finding colorful packing tape in the stores is unlikely, as it is mainly designed and manufactured by small businesses. When shopping online, look for brands that offer samples! The disclosure of the packing tape's thickness is another indication of high quality packing tape.

Hot Pawz offers 2.3 mil heavy-duty packing tape that will easily secure packages up to 50 lbs. For packages consistently over that shop our water-activated fiber-reinforced paper tapes with stunning designs that can hold packages up to 100 pounds.

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